Our Recommended Programs

Below are our recommended programs both in affiliate marketing and in Multi-Level Marketing.

For more information and to find out what would be more suitable for you, please read our blog article HERE.

If you need any further guidance in how to get started, please feel free to reach out to us on any of the channels provided on our contact us page.



Affiliate Marketing programs


Most affiliate marketing programs are free to join and do not require you to recruit anyone into a “network”. Truth be told, some programs require an applicant to go through an approval process but usually they are not too hard to get around, unless the products are “High Ticket”, which in essence means that the value and the commission is high.  Once one starts building up a bigger customer base and manages to make some sales, the whole process becomes faster and easier.  You, basically, just have to get the ball rolling and things will slowly gain momentum.

Though a lot of affiliate marketing programs do not require you to “recruit” people to join your network, a lot of them give the opportunity to recruit and build a network so that you can increase your sales.

As you will see in the categories below, there different types of products that one can promote.  The most popular ones are the digital products, though if marketed properly and after one builds up a solid customer base, physical products could be very lucrative, especially in the wellness niche.



 1. Digital Products Affiliate Programs


JVZoo, Warriorplus and Clickbank all offer similar products. They have all built up a serious reputation over the past couple of years with many affiliates making a nice income out of the sales of selected products.

Please note that JVZoo and Warriorplus do require you to get authorized by the seller to promote their product and that could prove to be a challenge for a beginner.  Clickbank does not require that but that has led to the quality of products being a bit lower than the other platforms.  Keep in mind that you are building up a reputation and you do not want to sell low quality products, just to make a quick profit.



 2. Training Programs Generating traffic through social media


Traffic Dominators of Wayne Crow has steadily built up a reputation of giving valued information and training to the people who join the facebook page.  They work with an ingenious One Lead System Pixel (OLSP), which locks in the person who joins the facebook page for any possible future commissions.  The support group on facebook is very accessible and knowledgable, focusing on assisting people to succeed online.

William James’ Free Facebook Floodgate Program is also run from an approval only facebook group.  If you want to make an income on Facebook, then William James is THE man to help you, sharing his experience in a complete no  nonsense way.  Definitely worth signing up for.  A small once off fee of $97 will get you a direct link to William and a step-by-step instruction to succeed.


3.Physical products Programs


– Sir-Vic will only have products or programs listed which are reliable.  For that reason, this section is still under review and will be updated later




Multi-Level Marketing programs


Multi-level marketing, also referred to as “Network Marketing”, is a strategy in which participants promote and sell a product or service. The earnings are solely commission-based and derived from sales to end-users or sales which the participants in ones “downline” has made.  Different programs structure their commissions in many different ways.  Usually, the commission percentage one can earn from their downline reduces with the level. It is a very simple principle as it works from strength in numbers.  A successful MLM participant can have hundreds of participants in their downline and earn commissions on the sales of their downline multiple levels deep.  

I encourage you to read the following blog article which also explains the difference between Affiliate Marketing, Multi- Level Marketing and Pyramid schemes.  It is always very important to establish if the program you are getting involved with is a MLM program or a pyramid scheme.  The latter being illegal in most countries and it is strongly advised to stay away from them.


 4. Advertising Programs / Lead Generating Programs


Infinity Traffic boost and Infinity Mailer boost are 2 similar programs which allow you to promote your products to other affiliate marketers AND reward you for building a network of referrals.  You will get rewarded for actions and the actions of the people you referred.


MyLeadGenSecret is a unique program.  For anyone who is struggling to get unique leads for any offer, MyLeadGenSecret is the solution.  For $30 a month you get 100 new quality leads EVERY day.  You can email the total leads that you have collected once every 24 hours with your email offers.


YourOwnLeadsNow gives you 100 leads per $25 position that you buy..  Additionally, you also get 1000 Banner Ads and 1000 Text Ads credits. The conversion rate on the leads is not really high but the ads do get some clicks.  As with all advertisement, it depends a lot on the offer and how you are putting the offer in front of the audience.



 5. Downline Builders


– There are a lot of downline builder programs on the market.  Most of them work from the principle of showing your affiliate marketing programs to other affiliate marketers.  As someone signs up in your network, you will make a commission on their purchase of credits for banner ads, text ads and login page ads.


Sir-Vic is still evaluating the most effective builders which give you value for your money or which are free to use.  As soon as the evaluation is done, this section will be updated.




 6. Online Marketing Tools


Every Marketer needs to build up a customer base and to do that in an organized and sustainable manner, there are a few tools of the trade :


1. To get your message or brand out there, the best way is still to create your own website.  These days it is not as complicated as it used to be.  If you want to give a go at it yourself, then the most cost effective way by far is Viralhosts.  However, if you prefer to have someone do the work for you, you can have a look at Sir-Vic’s Services page. We can do the work for you and set you up with a website similar to ours for a reasonable fee.


2. Funnels and landing pages or sign up pages : depending on what you actually want to do you could go with a top of the range like Clickfunnels (which offers a 14 day free trial but is honestly too expensive for what it offers after the trial) or you could go to the simpler and often even free route of providers like Wix.


3. Autoresponders: There is a high variety in autoresponders availabe.  As the competition has grown over the last months, more and more of them do offer a free plan, albeit with a lot of limitations.  The good thing is that it gives the opportunity to try out the systems properly and make a informed decision on which provider feels more comfortable to you. The most common and easily navigatable ones are Aweber, Getresponse and Mailchimp .