Our Services


Sir-Vic’s main focus is on getting people started, but for those who are already on their journey, we also provide assistance in many ways.


It is important to discuss your individual needs with us so that we can give you the best possible price for the requirements that you have.  There are also a few standard packages available to get you started.  Wherever possible, we have included prices for the services.  Can’t find what you are looking for below?  For more information or requirement specific pricing, please contact us by requesting for a quote. 




Online / Offline Business


Design of your customized website


We give you the complete solution in this very competitive package :


1. A customized domain name (Top Level Domain — .com, .org, .net,…) with a one year hosting on our chosen service provider.

2. Social media names on various platforms

3. Design of website

4. Logo design

5. Three personalized email addresses (3) with forwarding to your chosen gmail address

6. Google Analytics

7. Your first visitors to your website and social media accounts



 Our special deal price is R9000 or $600





Suggestions for improvements and lean operations


Do you need an honest expert view on your business operations with suggestions on easy-to-implement changes? Ask Sir-Vic to help you streamline your business.


Sir-Vic will tell you what he can and cannot do for you, sincerely and honestly.


Contact Sir-Vic for an honest opinion and quote.


Assisting in developing online presence


Besides the complete done for you package, we can also do the following for your online presence :


1. Providing a customized domain name

2. Professional website design

3. Design of your logo

4. Registration of your business with the CPIC in South Africa

5. Setup of your own affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing website that will feature your chosen programs, ready to start promoting


These are the most popular requests.  Keep in mind that there is much more we can do .


Please contact us with your requests to discuss requirements and pricing.





New Business Ideas


Do you want to run your own business but do not really know what niche you want to specialize in? 

Talk to Sir-Vic to get some good ideas on what currently is in demand.  Costs for this service will be kept to an absolute minimum to help you minimize your costs while you concentrate on getting the job done.


Contact Sir-Vic to explore the possibilities.



Online marketing of your business


Get your website or offer noticed through:



1.  Running a  social media campaign for your business on the following platforms


– Facebook

– Instagram

– Pinterest

– Google Ads


2. Quality Targeted traffic to your website or your landing page



Please contact us for your requirement specific quotation





Evaluation of Existing Businesses


Are you already in business and you need ideas on how to expand or how to broaden your business spectrum to make your business grow?

Let Sir-Vic help you “Think-out-of-the-box” and put you on the right path


Contact Sir-Vic to discuss your requirements.