The Beginning

No, this is not some deep insight in the beginning of the world as we know it or as described in the bible. If you are expecting some evaluation of the story of good and evil, temptation and the identification of gender roles, then you will be in for a big disappointment.  There will be nothing like that here.


What you can expect is a view on what led to the birth of Sir-Vic and the long and procrastinating journey to the actual conception of the website.


Sir-Vic was born out of a flirt from my partner.  She called me Sir-Vic as a joke more than anything else.  When we met, I had not started transitioning yet.  I was 50 and I had recently lost my employment and more or less anything else I had.  I was a broken person, but on a slow , very slow path to healing.  She was more or less in the same position, and that is how we met… Half a century of being broken by life, by others and most of all by our own actions of not loving ourselves enough.  


Going through my own healing, I had finally realized that a lot of my suffering came from denying myself to be myself… So I made the change and finally started my transition in May 2019.  I am not really going to bore anyone with the hiccups of my transition.  There are a lot of articles, videos and pictures on the topic and most of them just give you a similar story.  So no, you will not find a sad story here or an amazing body transformation… I will leave that up to the people, guys or girls, who will entertain you on different channels.

What I did realize though in this beautiful South Africa, is that the majority of people in the LGBTQIA+ community face discrimination of all kinds, going from trans specific medical assistance not being covered by the medical aids to high rates of unemployment.  As an disclosed member of the LGBTQIA+ community a person is really not a preferred employee, more of a sore thumb standing out than anything else and the reaction of most employers will be to prevent that person moving up in the ranks, if they even wish to employ you at all.  So what is the solution for anyone who faces a situation like that? 


Well, you have a few choices :


The most obvious is not to disclose your core personality




Just make peace with the situation and give up on any ambition one would have




Be yourself and make things happen for yourself…


Though the third one sounds like the most liberating, it is also the most difficult and that is why the unemployment numbers for the members of the LGBTQIA+ community are so extremely high.  And that is where Sir-Vic came in for me.  I was faced with unemployment and if I would live to be my core self, there would be no place in the regular employment/corporate environment.  In my case, I have the education ( my profession is industrial engineer) and I definitely have the experience ( more than 15 years in senior corporate management positions in Europe and South Africa).  I know my capabilities and as I got introduced more in the South African LGBTQIA+ community, I realized that there is a big need for support and encouragement to be self sustainable, in becoming yourself and providing for yourself.


And THAT has been my motivation, that is where the concept of Sir-Vic comes into play. 


I want to help in giving the assistance in getting things started.  I have explored and made mistakes and I think others deserve to know the plain truth about what works and what doesn’t.  They deserve to get a chance to make things happen, with the guidance and assistance of someone who has done the trial and error, starting with no capital.


So that is my beginning… Starting from zero,  one needs to (carefully) evaluate what the market has to offer.  If you have a decent budget things are already challenging, but if you have a budget edging zero ( in any currency), your chances of success are very slim.  So what if we could have a community of people who care enough to go with a little less to give those few people a chance, that would be our LGBTQIA+ community standing up for each other and care enough to change lives…


So this will be my challenge to everyone who reads this… Give a little and make a big change.  Let’s do this together!!!


Give to Live, Live to Love